Tiny Trash Can zero waste challenge week 28

Week 28 trash

Our 4-inch mason jar includes a dead lightbulb, non-compostable floss, produce stickers, receipts and butcher paper from my cat’s food.

4 thoughts on “Week 28 trash”

  1. I am very impressed by the tiny mason jar trash can… Do you then add this small collection of trash to your normal collection to dispose of and reuse the Mason jar? I recycle everything possible or reuse it or repurpose it in some way and I’m always looking for new ways to love our Earth..

    1. Yes, I add my small collection of weekly trash to my normal trash bin, then wash and reuse my mason jar. I actually collect all my trash in a stainless steel wastebasket (the one that used to be under my bathroom sink) during the week. I only put the trash in the mason jar for photo purposes 🙂

  2. Love your blog. One thing I noticed: you have non-compostable floss every week. I’ve taken a liking to degradable floss using materials like silk or bamboo but I get frustrated that its package is usually not compostable (to me, compostable plastics don’t count). Can I ask if you’ve explored zero-waste hygiene solutions, including floss and toothbrushes? Have you found that non-compostable floss is better for some reason?

    1. Hi! I usually use compostable silk floss, but I’ve trying to use up all the non-zero waste dental hygiene products I collected over the years. So I’ve been using up all the freebie dental floss and tooth paste I’d acquired over the years from dentist visits (these days I refuse!). It’s all used up so you won’t be seeing any more non-compostable floss in my weekly trash photos!

      My favorite dental floss to date is RADIUS floss, but the floss container is plastic 🙁 I’m planning to switch to a silk dental floss that comes in a refillable glass container by Dental Lace. Have you tried it?

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