tiny trash can week 13

Week 13 trash

Another good week! We were able to fit all our trash into a 1/2-liter (2-cup) mason jar. This was no small feat considering we went to a sugar shack yesterday! 😆

tiny trash can zero waste maple taffy

While I love our annual sugar shack tradition, I definitely don’t love all the #singleuseplastic and disposables. It’s a zero waste mine field!

In order to avoid creating trash, I used the kids’ milk for my coffee (instead of the individual creamers on the table), brought reusable bamboo chopsticks to make maple taffy (instead of their popsicle sticks), requested a glass for the wine tasting (instead of mini plastic cups) and recycled the apple cider cups when we got home (it was already poured when we arrived at our table).

Thanks to everyone we encountered at Vergers & Cidrerie Denis Charbonneau who helped us enjoy a Quebec tradition relatively waste free. Hoping next year can be completely plastic free (hint, hint)!

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