Tiny Trash Can smashing pumpkins compost

Smashing pumpkins

Did you know that most Halloween pumpkins grown in the U.S. and Canada end up in the trash?! 🙁 Once they arrive in landfills, they create methane, a greenhouse gas that’s 20-100 times worse than carbon dioxide 😳 Now that’s a scary thought!

Instead of putting your jack-o’-lantern in the trash, smash it! My son had a blast dropping ours from a second-story window then bashing it with a hammer! 😆

We’ll leave ours on the back patio for a few days so backyard wildlife can enjoy a snack (and Milo can enjoy the show). Once the critters have gotten their fill, we’ll add it to the compost heap—the small pumpkin pieces will breakdown faster than a whole pumpkin.

If you don’t have a compost bin, be sure to add your pumpkin to your yard waste and set it out during your city’s next collection day so it gets composted 🙂

My son had so much fun doing this that he made me promise we’d do it every year. 😄 My pumpkin-loving cat, on the other hand, will be having nightmares … 🤣

Tiny Trash Can smashing pumpkins compost

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