Happy Halloween!

Tiny Trash Can zero waste Halloween ideas

Halloween can be a wasteful holiday with plastic decorations, one-time use costumes and individually wrapped candies. But, it doesn’t have to be! Here are some of the things we did to celebrate a zero waste Halloween 🙂

For decorations, we reused paper drawings my son made a few years ago on the front door and windows, attaching them with removable/reusable poster putty (instead of tape). Inside, we put on a spinning LED light bulb and played some spooky music off YouTube so passersby would know we were ready for Halloween fun 👻. And, of course, our front stoop wouldn’t be complete without a jack-o’-lantern! 🎃

For costumes, we went DIY-style by shopping our closets. In case you can’t tell what we are, my son is an “unlucky adventurer” who got mauled by a wild animal (a.k.a. Milo), and I’m his mom who got injured trying to save him 😂. The fake blood is from a photo illustration I did five years ago. That bottle is going to last me forever!

For candy, we bought three kinds of Halloween-themed chocolate in bulk from Bulk Barn. We chose candies with aluminum wrappers and let the trick-or-treaters know they were recyclable when we gave them out. The parents were delighted!

My son decided, on his own, to forgo the trick-or-treating so he could avoid the plastic candy wrappers 💚 Instead of going out in the rain, we had a private Halloween party at home eating bulk candy and greeting neighborhood kids with our evil kitty 😼

Tiny Trash Can zero waste Halloween

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