Two gray Sterilite 30-gallon plastic storage bins

Secondhand plastic

I usually try to avoid plastic, but sometimes it’s the best material for the job because it’s durable and waterproof 🤷🏻‍♀️ So I made an exception for these two Sterilite storage bins, which will be going in my humid basement 😜

I’m about to embark on a basement overhaul, and I want to protect some items from potential moisture damage. Rather than buy new bins, I bought these used ones on Facebook Marketplace 👍 Buying secondhand means I get to extend the service life of the plastic already produced, plus they match my existing storage bins from about 20 years ago! 😃

Once plastic is created, it basically lasts forever. So I try to limit my plastic use to long-lasting, reusable items rather than single-use plastic and packaging 💚

While I didn’t save that much money buying these bins secondhand, I did avoid the shipping packaging had I bought them online. And I maybe prevented two new plastic bins from being manufactured 🤞

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