Tiny Trash Can plastic free groceries

Plastic-free groceries

My plastic-free grocery cart 🙂 Here’s what I do to reduce waste when grocery shopping:

1) I buy only unpackaged produce and skip the rest
2) I don’t use plastic produce bags; I put food directly in my cart (or reusable bag)
3) I avoid the center of the grocery store where the packaged (and processed) food is
4) I bring reusable cloth bags to carry purchases home

I bought these organic fruits and vegetables at Avril. It’s not a special, zero waste grocery store; in fact, like nearly all grocery stores, most of its organic produce and food is wrapped in plastic. But it’s always possible to buy less plastic if you actively seek out alternatives and bring your own bags! (hint, hint) 😀

When you get home, store your veggies in water to keep them fresh longer without plastic.

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