Tiny Trash Can how to store produce without plastic

How to store produce without plastic

Keep you veggies fresh longer by putting them in water. They’re plants after all! 😀

Carrots: Trim off the tops then submerge the carrots in water. They’ll stay nice and crunchy this way in the fridge.

Broccoli: Make a broccoli bouquet 🙂 They keep for more than a week like this in the fridge. I do the same thing with parsley and cilantro.

Kale: I keep these greens in water, too, until I’m ready to use them. When I’m short of shelf space, they do fine in my crisper drawer.

Lettuce: I buy hydroponic lettuce (with roots still attached) so they keep well in a shallow bowl of water. Store-bought head lettuces can be stored in your fridge this way, too.

How do you keep your produce fresh without plastic? Share in the comments below 😊

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  1. Greetings, here is how I store lettuce…bring it home, take it apart, wash the leaves one by one, shake off excess water and layer nicely in a covered plastic box (the same box I use at other times to store muffins in the freezer) and put it in the fridge. The lettuce lasts a few days and when I need it…it is already washed and ready 🙂
    Bon apetit!

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