Tiny Trash Can living fence made from cedar hedge

Living fence

We just rehomed 65 little white cedar trees! 🤗

The fence around our yard was past its prime, and I didn’t want to spend the time or money to repaint or replace it. Instead, I decided to plant a long-lasting, living fence 🌲🌲🌲

I bought the trees from a local landscaper on sale. At $10 a linear foot (trees and installation), my cedars cost way less than a traditional fence. Having them planted spared me hours of back-breaking labor (my yard is full of clay soil and rocks). And since they weren’t potted, it also saved 65 plastic pots from going to landfill 🙌

I chose cedars that were about a meter tall, which should establish more quickly than taller, more expensive trees. I’m hoping that by next fall they’ll hide our wooden fence completely 🤞 In 3-4 years, I should have a private backyard oasis 😃
These native white cedar trees are not only absorbing carbon dioxide and removing pollutants from the air, they’re also providing food, shelter and habitat for local wildlife 🐿 And with the right care, this inexpensive, low-maintenance, eco-friendly “fence” should last 60-80 years! 💚

We’re loving the greener view from our family room windows now 😍 And a row of snow-covered trees this winter will be just as lovely. Unexpected bonus: Our backyard smells amazing! 😁

Tiny Trash Can living fence made from cedar hedge

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