Tiny Trash Can DIY terrarium

DIY terrarium

Looking for a last-minute zero waste gift? We had fun making this DIY cactus terrarium using an old vase and some river pebbles. We got inspired by some cactus terrariums we saw on display at a garden store for Mother’s Day and decided to make our own with a little cactus we had at home.

I love that I was able to make this beautiful terrarium with objects I had lying around the house. I repurposed a glass vase I never used, but you can easily find glass vases at thrift stores for a dollar or two. If you don’t have a glass vase, you can also use any glass container or jar you have lying around the house. These river pebbles were leftover from an old aquarium, but you can easily collect these on nature walks near creeks. Light-colored pebbles (or layers of different colored pebbles) would make for a more dramatic side view 🙂

1) Layer pebbles on bottom for drainage (depth depends on size of your container).
2) Add some potting soil deep enough to plant your cactus or succulent.
3) Carefully add another layer of pebbles on top.

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