Tiny Trash Can bulk bagels Montreal

Bulk bagels

Montreal bagels are the best (sorry, New York)! My favorite bagel shop on the South Shore is Brossard Bagel. Buying their bagels at the grocery store means plastic bags and less-than-fresh bagels, so I go directly to the store. Since it’s a 25-minute drive from my house, I load up on bagels to make it worth the trip 🙂

Yesterday I bought two dozen fresh bagels, hot out of the maple, wood-fired oven. The employees kindly put the bagels directly into my reusable cloth bags, foregoing the paper and plastic bags they usually give customers. Once home, I sliced all the bagels in half and put them in my reusable plastic freezer bags (I’ve had these for years and wash them after each use). Freezing them immediately keeps them tasting fresh.

Tiny Trash Can bulk bagels Montreal

Then I slid all the fallen sesame seeds from the cloth bags and cutting board into a mason jar with the help of a stainless steel funnel. I save the perfectly toasted sesame seeds for use as a topping on stir fry dishes and salads. And now whenever I want a delicious bagel that tastes as fresh as the day I bought it, I just pop one in the toaster 😋

Tiny Trash Can bulk bagels Montreal

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