Tiny Trash Can single-use plastic betting on trash

Betting on trash

An afternoon with friends at Arlington Park yielded lots of single-use garbage. Sadly, everything at the restaurant was served in plastic. Even when I requested no water because I had my water bottle, I was given one 🙁 I ultimately ordered nachos because they were served in a reusable plastic bowl and didn’t require plastic utensils.

It didn’t appear as if the waiters were recycling any of the trash—in fact there were no plastic or aluminum recycling bins anywhere to be found. Trash cans, on the other hand, were everywhere: trash cans outnumbered paper recycling bins 15-1. Those are definitely not good odds! 😆

I brought home my table’s trash to make sure it would get recycled. But I can’t help but think of all the other single-use food containers that ended up in the landfill 😢

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