Tiny Trash Can zero waste ornaments

Zero waste ornaments

My son and I made these Christmas ornaments with zero waste:

Wood slice ornaments

These slices were cut from a large, fallen tree branch. To make, sand smooth, then draw simple, holiday-inspired drawings with a pencil. Carefully trace designs with a wood burning tool. Once completed, drill holes and add sisal twine so they can be easily hung. These ornaments are completely compostable when they’re no longer wanted—though I can’t imagine ever getting rid of them! 😍

Twig stars and snowflakes

Tiny Trash Can zero waste ornaments

Foraging for branches was a wonderful excuse to get outside and dig in the snow ❄️ To make, snap or cut twigs to the same length (5 for stars and 3 for snowflakes) and arrange in desired shape. Attach with rubber bands (we used red, green and yellow ones for a holiday touch 😉). By attaching the twigs with rubber bands (instead of hot glue), our stars are easily dismantled for compost and reuse 👍

I love the rustic look of these handmade treasures, and the kids had so much fun making them 💚 How do you decorate for the holidays with no waste? Please share your ideas in the comments below!

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