tiny trash can week 8 trash

Week 8 trash

It’s been two months since I started my zero waste challenge. Although I have a long way to go before I can fit a year’s worth of trash in a mason jar (#zerowastedreams), I’m proud of my progress so far. Each week I get a little better, finding plastic-free alternatives for everything I use. My eyes have been opened, and there’s no going back. I’m in this for the long haul!

2 thoughts on “Week 8 trash”

    1. Hi! I still have eye makeup remover from before I went zero waste that I’m still using up. I don’t wear eye makeup often, so this will last me a looooong time! LOL When I’ve been caught without eye makeup remover (say, when I’m staying with a friend), I’ve used olive oil and a reusable cloth. That’s what I’ll switch to when I run out of my commercial eye makeup remover 🙂

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