Tiny Trash Can zero waste challenge week 38 trash

Week 38 trash

I didn’t have a tiny jar to hold this week’s trash, so I used my favorite small container: my son’s hand 😊 Our week 38 trash includes the sticker off our compost bin, a couple pieces of tape, a muffin liner and a Band-Aid.

After I took this photo, I realized it was reminiscent of the raised fist—a powerful symbol of solidarity, strength and resistance. How fitting!

Since starting my zero waste journey, I have connected with amazing people around the world who want to make a difference 💚 Learning to live more sustainably has shown me I can do anything I put my mind to 💪 And the zero waste lifestyle is like daily non-violent protest against the status quo ✊

Our collective actions can change the world for the better. Who’s with me?!

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