Tiny Trash Can zero waste challenge week 30

Week 30 trash

Is Milo giving me the stink eye?! Our tiny trash can includes two plastic flossers (from a dentist visit), candy wrappers and chewing gum (from a summer camp activity), packing tape (from a package I received), as well as various produce stickers, jar labels and receipts.

Fortunately, I think we’re just about done using up all the non-zero waste dental hygiene items we acquired over the years. And at our last dental visit, we politely declined the freebie bag with a plastic toothbrush, plastic flossers and appointment card. The dental hygienist was surprised and impressed 😀

As for the candy wrappers, normally my son would refuse individually wrapped candies and snacks, but he really wanted to participate in the Halloween summer camp activity—and I couldn’t blame him. Holidays and special events outside the home are hard, especially when there isn’t a zero waste option available. Maybe next year I can suggest bulk candy bowls … 🙂

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