Tiny Trash Can zero waste challenge week 27 trash

Week 27 trash

In addition to our regular household trash, which fit nicely into our tiny trash can, we also had remnants of a failed craft project: cardboard with hot glue, broken rubber bands and tape. Unfortunately, none of these items are recyclable or compostable. While it’s great to reuse items for art projects, they’re often rendered useless afterward and inevitably become trash. I don’t want to dampen my son’s creativity, but I have encouraged my son to think about the entire lifecycle of his projects: sourcing recyclable/compostable materials whenever possible and ensuring they can be easily dismantled at the end of their life for better disposal 🙂 He’s enrolled in an art camp this summer so I suspect there will be more craft-related trash in the weeks to come …

On the plus side, Milo is really getting into these weekly trash photo shoots! 😂

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