Tiny Trash Can Dalcini stainless steel food storage containers

Stainless steel food containers

I rarely buy anything new, but when I do, I buy only essential items that will last a long time.

When I started running out of reusable containers to pack my son’s lunch (a few glass ones had broken 😢), I looked for a better alternative. I found these Dalcini Stainless containers on Buy Me Once, a website that features sustainable and long-lasting products. These containers promise to be the safest, most durable and low maintenance stainless steel food containers on the market. Because these containers have no visible seams, tight corners or clasps, they’re super easy to open and clean. I also love that they’re dishwasher safe and recyclable (though I don’t plan on recycling them anytime soon! 😂)

I use these stainless steel containers to pack my son’s cold lunch items like fruit and veggies (food to be reheated still gets packed in glass containers). They’re also perfect for bringing home restaurant leftovers instead of a single use to-go container 😀

Tiny Trash Can Dalcini stainless steel food storage containers

These containers aren’t cheap, but they’re less expensive in the long run since I’ll never have to replace them (plastic containers eventually crack or tear and aren’t reparable). If you don’t want to throw things away, buy things that will last 😉💚🌎

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