Tiny Trash Can how to regrow food scraps bok choy

Regrow food scraps

You can grow food just about anywhere—even a west-facing basement window! 😜

Before putting veggie scraps in the compost bin, try placing them in a bowl of water to see if they’ll grow back. You might be surprised! 😃

I’m currently enjoying homegrown bok choy, celery and Boston lettuce thanks to this simple trick. This morning I harvested a little salad from my basement “garden” for my son’s lunch 😋

You don’t need anything fancy to start an indoor garden except a window and some spare bowls, cups or jars. I outfitted my basement window with an old kitchen storage rack to make better use of the vertical space.

Tiny Trash Can how to regrow food scraps

Even though spring hasn’t arrived yet, I can still enjoy nature’s bounty until it does. When it finally does get warm enough, I’ll move these veggies outside and plant them in soil 🌱

If you’re interested in giving it a try, check out this how-to article with 19 foods you can grow from food scraps!

It makes for a great activity to do with kids! 😊💚🌎

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