Tiny Trash Can pasta without plastic

Pasta without plastic

When plastic-free isn’t an option, choose the least plastic possible! 👍

I regularly make my own pasta noodles (like fettucini, linguini and lasagna), but sometimes I want a different pasta shape (like penne, rotini or macaroni) 😋 I used to refill my containers with dry pasta at Bulk Barn but, when the pandemic started, they suspended their reusable container program 😢

If this pandemic goes on long enough, I might learn how to make those specialty pastas! 😜 Until then, I’m choosing pastas in cardboard boxes (like the ones above from Barilla that are easily recyclable) instead of pastas that come in plastic bags:

Tiny Trash Can pasta without plastic

The cardboard boxes still have a plastic window, but that’s a lot less plastic than an entire plastic bag! I don’t know if I need to remove the windows before I recycle the boxes, but I figure it doesn’t hurt 🙂

Tiny Trash Can pasta without plastic

Even if businesses are refusing reusable containers, there’s still a lot we can do to reduce waste and plastic 💪

How are you reducing your plastic consumption during the pandemic? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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