Tiny Trash Can organic apple picking montreal

Organic apple picking

It’s apple season here in Quebec and what better way to embrace the cooler temperatures than apple picking! We spent a perfect fall afternoon picking apples at Le verger de l’île Saint-Bernard, one of the few organic orchards near Montreal.

I always try to buy organic apples due to the heavy pesticide load on conventionally grown apples. According to the Environmental Working Group, 90% of conventional apples have detectable pesticide residues, and 80% of apples tested contained diphenylamine, a pesticide banned in Europe 😢

Although we were required to use a transparent plastic bag in the orchard for picking (and measuring), the workers were happy to take them back for reuse when we were done. I was also glad to see we weren’t the only ones pouring our haul into a reusable bag and returning the plastic one! 😀

Our 10 pounds of apples cost only $13—about half the price of organic apples at the grocery store. Plus, we got to support a local grower and enjoy a lovely afternoon outdoors 😊

Tiny Trash Can organic apple picking Île Saint-Bernard

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