Tiny Trash Can zero waste holiday gift giving list

My giving list

Want to save lots of money on Black Friday?! Don’t buy anything! 😜

This holiday season, I’ll be making gifts, not buying gifts. I’ll be giving consumables, not disposables. I’ll be gifting secondhand, not buying new.

With all the hype around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s easy to feel like I’m missing out. And I am. I’m missing out on the traffic jams, the crazy parking lots, the aggressive shoppers, the long lines and the big dent in my wallet! 😂

This holiday season, save time, save money, save your sanity and save the planet 🌎 By refusing to participate in our culture’s rampant consumerism, we stop waste at its source 💪

Show your love this year by spending time not money 💚

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