Low waste pet bed

Milo’s new bed is a major upgrade over Milo’s previous bed, which consisted of a repurposed cardboard box and an old, stained pillow 😜

Tiny Trash Can upcycled pet bed

I’d been meaning to make my own for years with leftover fabric but never got around to it. So I was happy to find this sustainable dog bed duvet from The Kind Pet that’s eco-friendly and cute! 😍

Tiny Trash Can low waste pet bed

The 100% cotton duvet is designed to be stuffed with materials from around your house 🏠 No pre-filled stuffing means no polyester fiberfill, less packaging and less fossil fuels! 💚 I stuffed mine with textile scraps I’d been saving (used clothing unsuitable for donation) as well as the old pillow from Milo’s previous “bed.” Not surprisingly, Milo took a keen interest in the entire process 😂

While getting a new pet bed isn’t exactly zero waste, Milo can sleep better knowing I’m supporting a sustainable business 😺 The Kind Pet sources almost all their products from Canada and the USA, which reduces their carbon footprint and supports local economies. They also avoid plastic in their packaging and shipping 🙌

Tiny Trash Can low waste pet bed

If you’re trying to reduce your pet’s carbon pawprint, check out thekindpet.com. You can shop products by sustainable values (like plastic-free, organic, compostable, etc.), and every product page includes sustainability info (where it was made, materials used, end-of-life management, etc.) 👏 And if you find something you love, use my discount code TINYTRASHCAN for 10% off! 👍

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  1. It’s kind of confusing to know when you’ve posted something new. Could you have a latest post category on your home page so I don’t miss anything.?
    Milo is a cutie. Glad he likes his new bed. Cats can be contrary that way!

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