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Free lunch

North Americans throw out roughly a pound of food per person every day?! And that doesn’t even take into account what happens at restaurants where portion sizes can be ridiculously big …

When I eat out, I pack meal leftovers in my own containers. Last night at dinner, I realized we weren’t going to finish all our food. So I went to my car and grabbed a couple mason jars (I keep a stash in my trunk for bulk shopping). While these jars might not be the ideal containers for transporting leftovers, they do the job! I got to save perfectly good food from going to landfill, and I avoided the single-use containers offered by our server 😁

I think we all probably have some extra containers taking up space in our kitchen cupboards. Throw a couple reusable containers in your trunk today, and you’ve got a zero waste emergency kit 😃

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to warm up these leftovers and enjoy my free lunch 😋

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