Tiny Trash Can zero waste food storage

Food storage

There’s so much plastic surrounding our food—not only at stores but at home as well. By using reusable containers, we can save a lot of single-use plastic from going to landfill. Here’s what I currently use to store leftovers, pack lunches, buy takeout and shop bulk: glass storage containers with plastic lids, vintage Pyrex containers with glass lids, reusable plastic containers and a cloth bag with velcro closure. To keep sliced fruits and veggies fresh in the fridge, I use reusable silicone food covers (these are also great for opened canned food, too).

Challenge yourself to eliminate single-use plastic from your kitchen. The next time you find yourself reaching for a Ziploc bag or Saran wrap, see if you have a reusable alternative that can do the job!

Tiny Trash Can zero waste food storage

Tiny Trash Can zero waste food storage

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