Tiny Trash Can EcoCourse 2021

EcoCourse 2021

Happy belated Earth Day! 🌎

My son and I participated in our town’s first EcoCourse, a community litter cleanup event. We were each given a small plastic bag, which we filled up in a matter of minutes 😬 Since there was still a lot of litter in the area we were cleaning up, we filled up the plastic bags we found as well. Our litter haul consisted of mostly single-use food containers, plastic food wrappers, disposable masks and a few aluminum cans. We were careful to keep the recyclables (1 bag) separate from trash (3 bags). When we were done, we brought them to a nearby city park for an official weigh-in.

Tiny Trash Can EcoCourse 2021

Total trash picked up: 3.135 kg (6.9 lbs) 🙌

While my son and I were picking up litter, a woman called me over from across the street and handed me a box of chocolates to thank us for our efforts 💚 My son and I pick up trash because it feels good to make a tangible difference, but having a stranger thank us was extra sweet 😊

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