Tiny Trash Can Zero Waste Kid DIY bow and arrow

DIY bow and arrow

Want a fun zero waste project to do with your kids? Make a DIY bow and arrow! Then draw a target on a fence or wall with sidewalk chalk for some easy backyard fun 🙂

This DIY project comes from my son, who’s a Zero Waste Kid in every sense of the word. Not only has he been my eager partner on our zero waste journey, but he loves to make things using what other people would call trash! 😆

At school he collects discarded objects, a.k.a. “treasures,” which he shows off to his friends. “Look at this spring I found in a broken pen!” “Can you believe someone threw away this pencil?! Check out the cool metal ring on the end!” Apparently, he was so convincing that he managed to create a veritable “black market” of found objects that kids started trading between classes. One day when I was picking him up from school, he proudly declared that he’d gotten us a broken fan. “What?!” I replied. I was trying to reduce our trash, not collect more of it! Well, it turns out, that fan cage works great as a grill for our homemade fire pit 😯

I’m constantly amazed at my son’s creativity and resourcefulness. He recently made this DIY bow and arrow out of sticks and rubber bands. Here’s a video of him explaining how he did it. And wait for the ending—it’s priceless!

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