Tiny Trash Can cooking with kids

Cooking with kids

One of the best ways to reduce waste? Cook! It also saves money and leads to much healthier meals 👍

Since committing to a zero waste lifestyle, my son and I cook more things from scratch. That’s him making flour tortillas 😃

Rather than see cooking as something arduous that takes time away from family, I see it as a wonderful way to connect and spend time with my son. Cooking is a life skill that will help ensure healthy eating habits his entire life. It’s also a sneaky way to teach math and science 😉

I never considered myself a good cook, but that’s because I wasn’t comfortable in the kitchen. Growing up, I never cooked with my mom (in fact, my sister and I were banned from the kitchen when she was cooking 😆). What I lacked wasn’t skill, it was confidence. And that only comes with practice.

So I started cooking with my son from an early age. As a toddler, I’d sit him on the counter and narrate what I was doing. When he got older, I’d let him mix then lick the spoons. Later, I put him in charge of measuring the ingredients. Sure, it meant bigger messes and occasional mistakes, but that’s a small price to pay for 9-year-old chef! 😁

Cooking isn’t something I have to do as a mom; it’s something we get to do as a family 😊

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