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Carry out pizza

Pizza is my go-to option when I don’t feel like cooking (yes, it happens 😜). Unlike other fast food options, it’s almost always plastic-free! 😃 With takeout pizza, I don’t have to worry about refusing plastic containers, styrofoam trays, paper napkins or plastic utensils. Here are a few ways we make our zero waste cheat night as eco-friendly as possible:

1) Instead of ordering delivery, we pick it up ourselves. Our favorite place is a locally-owned pizza joint that’s on our way home from school. Less fossil fuels!

2) We get two small cheese pizzas. Meat-free is better for the environment, our health and my wallet!

3) Because we’re regulars now, the restaurant owners know not to give us printed flyers with our order. Saving a few trees! 💪

4) When we get home, we enjoy one pizza while it’s hot 😋 and freeze the other one for a future easy pizza night. Freezing our own pizza means less trash 👍 That’s because store-bought frozen pizza usually comes in a plastic bag and/or non-recyclable cardboard box (frozen food boxes have a plastic coating on them to protect them from condensation).

5) We recycle the clean parts of the cardboard boxes and compost the food-soiled sections.

6) Then we devour the pizza, so no food waste here! 😂

2 thoughts on “Carry out pizza”

  1. Alessandra Morello

    Great idea! But wouldn’t it be even more economical to make your own pizzas and freeze? I like to make my own but now you have me the idea to make in bulk and freeze thus reducing on buying frozen which is prepackaged as you mentioned and ofcourse not healthy in comparison.

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