Tiny Trash Can zero waste takeout pizza

Carry out pizza

Pizza is my go-to option when I don’t feel like cooking (yes, it happens 😜). Unlike other fast food options, it’s almost always plastic-free! 😃 With takeout pizza, I don’t have to worry about refusing plastic containers, styrofoam trays, paper napkins or plastic utensils. Here are a few ways we make our zero waste cheat night as eco-friendly as possible:

1) Instead of ordering delivery, we pick it up ourselves. Our favorite place is a locally-owned pizza joint that’s on our way home from school. Less fossil fuels!

2) We get two small cheese pizzas. Meat-free is better for the environment, our health and my wallet!

3) Because we’re regulars now, the restaurant owners know not to give us printed flyers with our order. Saving a few trees! 💪

4) When we get home, we enjoy one pizza while it’s hot 😋 and freeze the other one for a future easy pizza night. Freezing our own pizza means less trash 👍 That’s because store-bought frozen pizza usually comes in a plastic bag and/or non-recyclable cardboard box (frozen food boxes have a plastic coating on them to protect them from condensation).

5) We recycle the clean parts of the cardboard boxes and compost the food-soiled sections.

6) Then we devour the pizza, so no food waste here! 😂

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