Tiny Trash Can movie theatre

Big screen, low waste

Heading to the movies soon? Don’t forget to bring your containers!

My son and I recently headed to the theatre with a free movie pass he’d received as a gift. The pass entitled him to a free drink and popcorn. To reduce waste, I brought a mason jar mug and figured the popcorn would be in a paper bag. Lucky us! The concession stand employee poured my son’s slush into our mug, assuring us she’d give the cup she’d used for measuring to the next customer. And the popcorn came in a cardboard box, which we brought home and composted 😁 We weren’t expecting to get a little plastic container of M&Ms in our popcorn, but we saved it, removed the label and now have a handy orange container for my son’s many tiny treasures! 🙂

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