Tiny Trash Can 2023 garbage

2023 garbage (1 of 2)

8 months of trash to the curb today!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it a full year thanks to some home improvement projects 😬 In addition to my usual household waste, there are caulking tubes, paint rollers, foam board scraps and other miscellaneous items I couldn’t reuse. I took the drywall scraps and empty paint cans to my local eco center.

Also in my trash bin this time: the bag from my central vacuum cleaner filled with 7 years of dust and dirt! 😜

Even though I didn’t make my goal of one trash bin for the whole year (forget the mason jar 😆), that won’t stop me from continuing to avoid waste as much as possible. In fact, I’m headed to the refill store today to fill up on cooking oils and cleaning supplies! 💚

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