Tiny Trash Can 2020 garbage

2020 garbage

I’m happy to be saying farewell to 2020—and all its garbage 😅

I finally rolled my 2020 trash to the curb (my city collects trash every 2 weeks, hence the delay). Inside is 52 weeks’ worth of household trash, plus garbage that blew into my yard 😜 Also inside are boots and shoes that were too worn to donate, some carpeting I ripped out, unwanted items we found while decluttering and a few bags of used cat litter (my pet waste compost bin got too full) 🙀

As you can see, I’m nowhere near getting a year’s worth of trash to fit into a mason jar 😂 But that certainly doesn’t stop me from trying! 💪

I began my tiny trash journey three years ago as a tangible way to combat climate change. Little did I know that shrinking my trash would forever change how my son and I look at the world and our impact on it 🌎

If you’re looking for an easy new year’s resolution, I’ve got a good one for you: Stop taking out your trash 😉

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