Tiny Trash Can recycle less December 2019

2019 recycling 2019 (4 of 4)

I rolled my recycling bin to the curb this morning—for the fourth and final time in 2019 😁 And I want to do even better next year!

Environmental efforts often focus on recycling, but recycling alone won’t save the planet. That’s because 95% of a product’s environmental damage has already occurred 😢 Tossing items in the blue bin might make us feel better, but it’s essentially a second trash can, full of materials we *hope* will get recycled. And we’re throwing away more recyclable material than our recycling systems can handle.

A recent New York Times video titled “The Great Recycling Con” said it perfectly: Buy as if nothing is recyclable.

In 2020, let’s try to recycle less—not more—by refusing, reducing and reusing everything we can! 💪

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