Tiny Trash Can recycline less June 2019

2019 recycling (2 of 4)

I rolled my recycling bin to the curb today—for the second time this year! 😁 My goal is to take it out only four times this year, at the beginning of each season.

My recycling bin is mostly full of cardboard and paper, along with a few metal food cans and 3 months’ worth of soy milk cartons LOL I’ve all but eliminated my plastic recycling thanks to my zero waste lifestyle 🙌

Plastic recycling is a fallacy. Not only can plastic not be repeatedly recycled, but there are limited markets for recycled plastic. Sadly, the plastic material collected in curbside programs often ends up in landfill or gets shipped overseas where it’s dumped or incinerated. Only about 9% of plastic actually gets recycled 😢

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