Tiny Trash Can Tippi Thole zero waste new year's resolution

New year, new goal

This morning I threw my first week of 2019 trash into my garbage bin—and I don’t plan to roll it to the curb until next year 😀

While my zero waste challenge is officially over, the effects have been life changing. Journaling my trash for 52 weeks taught me so much. It showed me where I could improve everyday and gave me more life skills than I can count. If you’re serious about reducing your waste, I highly recommend tracking your trash on a weekly basis. But I personally won’t be taking weekly trash photos anymore. It’s time for me to start a new challenge …

Last year I was focused on reducing my trash, and this year I will focus on helping others reduce theirs. My trash might be tiny, but my goals are big!

Every week, I will share simple ways to reduce waste. Let me know how I can help you in the comments below. And please share my posts if you think your friends and family might benefit from a tiny (or tinier) trash can 😊💚🌎

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