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Zero waste takeout and COVID-19

I’ve never had an issue using my zero waste takeout kit (pictured) at carryout places … until yesterday.

As I pulled out my containers at Falafel St. Jacques​, the employee informed me he couldn’t use them. He said he’d normally accept my containers, but the government wouldn’t let him anymore due to the coronavirus (does anyone know if this is true?). Understanding my desire to reduce waste, he put my meal in a compostable cardboard container rather than a plastic container, but my 100% success rate at zero waste takeout was ruined 😞

Over the last few days, things have changed dramatically in Quebec, and the pandemic is feeling more real. I suspect living with zero waste will become increasingly difficult as people become obsessed with germs and fearful of others 😢 But I’m determined to live with as little waste as possible during this COVID-19 outbreak. I’ll let you know how it goes! 😜 All we can do is make the best possible choice in every situation 👍💚🌎

Has anyone else had trouble living a zero waste lifestyle recently? I’d love to hear your experiences!

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