Plastic-free groceries at Marché Brossard

Marché Brossard is my one-stop shop for groceries on the South Shore! 🙌

I love shopping at Marché Brossard because there are very few people and no lines, so I feel a lot safer going there during the pandemic. And now that Montreal has been designated a red zone, I’ll start going grocery shopping once every two weeks again. That will mean bigger grocery runs but not more plastic 💪💚🌎

First stop: Ëkkolo zero waste store to refill jars with pantry staples, pick up some unpackaged tofu and grab milk and cream in glass bottles.

Second stop: Fruits et Légumes QR market a few steps away to buy Quebec strawberries in cardboard boxes (with paper handles) and an assortment of loose produce 😋

Third stop: Fromagerie Marché Village where they happily sell me cheese package-free by filling my containers.

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