Tiny Trash Can grocery shopping during COVID-19

Grocery shopping during COVID-19

Although the pandemic has changed how often I shop, I still avoid plastic as much as possible. This is my plastic-free haul from IGA 😃

My weekly Lufa Farms basket was cancelled this week due to the coronavirus 😢, so I went to a conventional grocery store to pick up some fresh produce and other items I needed for the weekend.

Normally, I’d refill flour, eggs and sesame oil at my zero waste grocery store, but buying these items in paper and glass was the next best thing. I knew my son would want to make waffles this morning (before Épicerie LOCO would be open), so picking up flour, cream and eggs yesterday saved me an outing and allowed us to enjoy a relaxed breakfast at home 😊

Canned foods are an easy (and relatively waste-free) way to stock the pantry and minimize trips to the store. I picked up canned coconut milk and coconut cream so I could use up a can of green curry paste I found in my pantry 😜 Food cans are easily recyclable in most curbside recycling programs (just be sure to rinse them first).

I still buy plastic-free fruits and veggies then give them a good wash with cold water when I get home. Even though there’s no evidence that coronavirus lives very long on food surfaces, we’ve been extra careful to scrub the skins of fruits like clementines and melons before eating them 👍

But the biggest change in my grocery shopping habits? Now I shop alone. I used to always bring my son with me so he could pick out what we’d eat. But kids LOVE to touch things, so keeping him at home means less germ exposure for us and for those around us 💚

Stay safe, everyone!

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