Tiny Trash Can disposable face masks

“Disposable” masks

As more people wear masks to prevent the transmission of the novel coronavirus, I’m seeing more single-use masks littering parking lots and sidewalks 😥

Since we will be living with the novel coronavirus for the foreseeable future, please consider investing in a reusable face mask if you don’t need a medical one. Like all things reusable, they’re cheaper in the long run than repeatedly buying disposable masks. Plus, they reduce litter and landfill waste 👍

Caring for cloth masks is easy: Simply wash your mask after each use in your washing machine and dryer (hottest settings) or hand wash (hot water) and hang dry in the sun ☀️

Whether you make your own reusable face mask or buy one, cloth masks for COVID-19 should be made of at least two layers of tightly-woven fabric. Cotton and/or silk work great. Not only are natural fabrics more breathable than synthetics, but they will be completely compostable at the end of their usable lives 💚

I made my own reusable face mask in a few minutes out of an old t-shirt! You can check out the tutorial here.

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