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Bulk shopping during pandemic

This was my biggest bulk grocery shopping trip ever!!! I refilled 19 containers and picked up cream and kombucha in consigned glass containers 😃 I even got some candy for my son’s Easter eggs 🤫

I decided to load up at Épicerie LOCO because 1) I want leave the house as seldom as possible and 2) I’m worried at some point I won’t be allowed to shop with my containers 😬

I was pleasantly surprised by all the changes Épicerie Loco made to keep their food and customers safe during the coronavirus outbreak. In addition to mandatory hand sanitation upon entering, they removed all multi-use serving items throughout the store. Instead of having a scoop or tongs next to each bulk bin for customers to use, they now have two large containers at the back of the store: one for clean serving items and one for used serving items. Customers pick the clean scoop they need, fill their container, then put the scoop in the used bin to be washed. All scoops are essentially single-use now, with the added benefit of being reusable 💡

I actually feel safer shopping there than at a regular grocery store. There are fewer customers in the store (there’s usually only one other customer besides me), and I know where my containers have been 😜

Epicerie Loco has also begun offering home delivery service within a 3km radius of their three locations. I don’t qualify so that just means free workouts for me carrying my groceries into the house 😂 I’m impressed by how well they’ve adapted to the changing needs of their customers, and I hope I can continue to shop with zero waste and support them through this pandemic 🤞💚🌎

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