Bulk Barn shopping during a pandemic

Tiny Trash Can Bulk Barn shopping COVID-19

We returned to Bulk Barn for the first time since March. We were so excited! 🎉 My son and I stocked up on all our old favorites plus refilled some pantry staples. We also picked up a few treats 😉

We hadn’t been to Bulk Barn since the beginning of the pandemic when Bulk Barn paused its reusable container program. Thanks to a tip from Baby Steps to Zero Waste, I learned it had recently been reinstated (at least at my store) 👏

One unexpected addition to our zero waste shopping experience: the requirement to wear disposable plastic gloves after using hand sanitizer 🙁

Tiny Trash Can Bulk Barn shopping COVID-19

I suppose this policy is intended to make customers feel safer shopping there, but wearing gloves doesn’t prevent the spread of germs. Since I couldn’t refuse the gloves, I decided to keep them and reuse them (they’ll come in handy for my next painting project). But most people won’t reuse them. We found several pairs of gloves discarded outside the store on the sidewalk 😢

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